MUSA Training Center – Select/Flyers Teams Only

MUSA Indoor Training Center is Located at 145 A North Estill Ave., Richmond, KY 40475

Use scheduler to reserve time to train.

MUSA Training Center Expectations

All participants and guests utilizing the MUSA Training Center are expected to comply with the following behaviors and expectations:
• Be respectful of others and property at all times
• All minors will have adult supervision at all times while in the facility
• Tennis shoes or turf/indoor shoes will be worn (NO CLEATS); guests are asked to not wear heels
• Soccer balls are to remain on surface; unless otherwise instructed by coach
• Water or sport drinks only. All containers must have lid or cap
• Food, gum, alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited
• No spitting on turf
• Service animals only permitted in facility
• All teams responsible to clean up after training, including picking up equipment and throwing away trash
• Individuals are playing/participating at their own risk
• Anyone not following these rules are subject to removal