Code of Conduct

In order to enhance the enjoyment of youth soccer in Madison County, MUSA has adopted the following Code of Conduct for all coaches, players, parents, spectators, and referees: The game of soccer is intended to be fun for everyone involved – players, coaches, referees, parents, and spectators. It is not the intent of MUSA to focus on winning. Our goal is to provide a fun soccer environment where kids can develop their soccer skills, having fun in the process.

Parents will commit to having their child at every scheduled practice, game, and event as directed by the coach. In the event of a necessary absence from practice or game, the coach will be notified as soon as possible. Have the player notify the coach, if possible.

Parents will be positive in all comments made to the team. Encourage, don’t discourage!

Parents should not reward players for individual achievements. Individual rewards may encourage poor team play. Soccer is a team sport. The reward is in getting to play a fun game with friends.

MUSA parents/spectators will not coach from the sideline. Please cheer for your team and leave the coaching to the coach. Think of the coach as your child’s teacher, and the field as the classroom. You wouldn’t go into your child’s class and start giving instruction while the teacher was speaking. Please feel free to use any of the recommended cheers listed below to encourage your team.

Recommended Cheers:
• “Win the ball!”, “Keep hustling, (team name)!” Gaining and keeping possession of the ball is very important.  
• “Let’s go (team name)!” A good, general-purpose yell for a parent who feels compelled to yell something. It fits almost every occasion.
• “Nice ____” (“pass”, “shot”, “throw-in”, “tackle”, “save”, “clear”, “header”, “footwork”, “follow-up”, “goal kick”, “corner kick”, etc.)  

Note regarding voice tone: Almost any of the recommended cheers, when spoken in a sarcastic tone, may embarrass or hurt the feelings of the player it is directed to. Please watch your tone – if you can’t cheer appropriately and with enthusiasm, don’t cheer at all.