2022-2024 Required
Uniform kit

– Uniforms for our club are ordered every two years.
– Parents will be informed when it is time to order jerseys. Currently we are
utilizing for ordering kits.
– Currently, Adidas is the brand of kit we are wearing

Dressing for the game:
All players must be uniformly dressed at every game: proper jersey
(either home or away), shorts, socks, and pregame warm-up jacket
– The home jersey color is gray
– The away jersey color is blue
– Alternate jersey color is black
– Always bring all jerseys to every game! There are times when players
must wear their alternate jersey.

Practice Attire
Players are expected to wear grey practice t-shirts, black shorts and black socks to all of their training sessions. They are also required to have their green training bib at all practices.

Cold Weather
At the end of fall/early spring we understand that it can be quite cold at
games and practices. We ask that players wear the appropriate gear if
– Grey, black, white or blue undershirt
– Black or grey leggings
– MUSA zip-up top
– Gloves