Lake Reba Fields – Richmond – (Field Map Below)

Madison Central High School – Richmond – (Field Map Below)

Million Park Fields – Richmond – (Field Map Below)

MTC Indoor Center – Richmond

Berea Municipal Utility Fields – Berea – (Field Map Below)

Berea Community Fields – Berea – (Field Map Below)

Berea Skate Park Field – Berea – (Field Map Below)

Farristown Middle School – Berea

Madison Southern High School – Berea

Fields located in Richmond, KY

Directions to Lake Reba:
There is no physical address for the fields, but a nearby facility is (299 Lake Reba Drive Richmond, KY 40475). The Park entrance is located off of the Eastern By-Pass across from Dairy Queen and Zaxby’s.

Directions to Million Park:
Off of Barnes Mill Drive. Turn onto Stratford Drive and drive until the end of the road. There is no physical address for the fields, but a nearby home has an address of 257 Stratford Drive Richmond, KY 40475

Madison Central High School
705 N 2nd St, Richmond, KY 40475

Directions to MUSA Training Center (MTC)
The MUSA Training Center is a new indoor facility located at 145 North Estill Ave., RIchmond. This is the same road that Bishop’s Small Engine Repair is on.

Fields located in Berea, Ky

Directions to Berea Municipal Utility Fields:
The U4 – U12 fields are located across the street from Berea Municipal Utilities (200 Harrison Rd., Berea, KY 40403). Take the John Stephenson Paved Trail to access the fields.

Directions to Berea City Park/Community Fields:
The U4 – U10 fields are located Near Berea Community School (1 Pirate Parkway, Berea, KY 40403). They are off of Rt. 595 (Walnut-Meadow Road) in Berea.

Directions to Berea Skate Park Field:
The full sided field is located near the Berea Skate Park behind the Acton Folk Center. The address is 308 N. Broadway, Berea, KY

Farristown Middle School
751 Farristown Industrial Dr, Berea, KY

Madison Southern High School
279 Glades Rd, Berea, KY 40403

See Field Maps Below

Lake Reba Field Maps

Richmond Million Park Fields

Berea Community Field Maps

Berea Municipal Utility (BMU) Field Maps

Madison Southern High School Turf

Farristown Middle School