4/27/2021 UPDATE

Based on the announcement from the Governor’s Office and the Department for Public Health on Monday, immediate changes in mask requirements are being implemented.  For all outdoor activities at Kentucky Youth Soccer member associations, mask/face covering requirement is no longer required for coaches, players and spectators for any event or activity with less than 1,000 attendees. Please note that any activity taking place inside will still require players to wear a face mask when not actively training and coaches should still wear a face mask while coaching inside.

These are the guidelines for return to play at MUSA during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  These guidelines have been provided by KYSA, so please make sure to read them carefully.

In addition, there will be no snacks, high-fives, tunnel and other group celebrations after games.  When you arrive at and leave from our fields please make sure to do so quickly to reduce contact with other teams.  If your child has been tested positive for COVID-19, please let your coach know as soon as possible.  You should also send an email to and so that we are aware of the situation.

If you are on a team that is traveling to another location, please be aware that other clubs will have their own guidelines.

Let’s work together to make this a successful season!

Coach Responsibilities

  • Ensure the health and safety of all players.
    • Must conduct CDC daily symptom assessment.
    • Inquire how the athletes are feeling, send them home should you believe they act or look ill.
    • Follow all state and local health protocols.
    • Ensure all athletes have their individual equipment (ball, water bottles, bag, etc.)
    • Coach is the only person to handle all practice equipment. (cones, disk etc.)
    • Coach to sanitize/clean all personal training equipment before and after each session (e.g. cones, discs, etc.)
    • The use of scrimmage vests or pinnies is not recommended. We suggest that each player bring an extra shirt or be given a vest or pinnies for the entire year and have the player wash after each practice.
    • All training should be outdoors and ensure social distancing per state or local health guidelines.
    • Always wear a face mask, when coaching, maintain social distance requirements from players based on state and local health requirements.
    • Always wear face mask and gloves when attending to an injured player.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Must conduct CDC daily symptom assessment.
    • Ensure child is healthy and check your child’s temperature daily.
    • Travel to practices and games with as few people as possible. It is recommended to only travel with members of your immediate family. If carpooling is necessary, rideshare with the same individuals.
    • Stay in car or adhere to social distance requirements, based on state and local health requirements, when at practice wear face mask if outside your car.
    • Ensure child’s clothing is washed after every training session.
    • Ensure all equipment, cleats, ball, shin guards etc. are sanitized before and after every training.
    • Notify member organization immediately if your child becomes ill for any reason.
    • Do not assist coach with equipment before or after training.
    • Be sure your child has necessary sanitizer with them at all times.

Player Responsibilities

  • Must conduct CDC daily symptom assessment.
    • Take temperature daily.
    • Players are required to wear mask when going/leaving the field and may remove their mask when training and/or game warmups begin.
    • Wash hands thoroughly before and after training.
    • Bring and use, hand sanitizer with you to every training.
    • Do not touch or share anyone else’s equipment, water, snack or bag.
    • Practice social distancing, place bags and equipment at least 6 feet apart.
    • Wash and sanitize all equipment before and after every training.
    • No group celebrations, no high 5’s, Hugs, handshakes etc.
    • Arrive at the field no more than 5 minutes before practice is to begin.
    • Arrive at the field no more than 30 minutes before games is to begin.

Spectator Responsibilities

  • Must conduct daily symptom assessment.
    • Ask all individuals who are 65 and above or have underlying health condition to stay home.
    • Spectators should wear face mask when making their way to the designated spectator seating. Spectators are not required to wear face mask when sitting in the designated spectator seating if they are sitting a minimum of 6 feet from another household.
    • Only family members living in the same home should sit close than the required social distance protocol when attending practices or games.
    • If spectators are interacting with other families at the field, they are required to wear a face mask and maintain the minimum social distance.
    • Spectators should not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to practices and games.


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